Do you provide bikes?

   -No, at this time, we have no bikes available, but hope to start building a fleet soon.


Do I have to have my Motorcycle License?

  -Yes, you must have at least your Motorcycle Permit to participate. We also require your bike to be tagged and insured for liability reasons.

Do you provide my camping gear?

  -Not at this time, as with the fleet, we hope to start building our inventory to have better offerings in the future. As of now, all participants will have to provide their own camping gear.

Do you cancel due to weather?

  -Pack your rain gear $%&*#@#! Haha

Cancelation Policy

  -Due to the extensive planning that goes into providing the best possible experience for each participant, we request a notice of two weeks to receive full refund so we can modify any reservations we have made in preparation for the trip. You can cancel up to 48 hour in advance for a refund of 75%. We understand stuff happens (seriously, we work in EMS), we'll work with you as much as we can to make sure you are satisfied. 


What is the difficulty of your rides?

  -We can scale the difficulty to the riders participating and even include single track for the adventurous amongst you! We do recommend that each rider be comfortable with riding on gravel and dirt roads. We also recommend that you are capable of riding up to eight hours a day. For each trip, we will have a leader that will ride at a pace our more experienced participants are comfortable with and a sweep which will hang back with our slower riders. 

Do have an age limit?

  -We require the participant to be old enough to have their motorcycle permit, because, well, that's already a requirement. 

Do you allow pillion riders? 

  -nope, no pillion's allowed.